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Laminate Kitchen Worktops

Contemporary laminate worktops are steadily gaining popularity amongst home builders and renovators. Unlike its predecessor, modern laminate offers more nuanced designs and details, truly elevating the look of the material. One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding laminate is its material. Laminate worktops are widely considered to be crafted from plastic, when in fact, laminate is made from layers of materials, particularly paper and resins. It is this construction of materials that make laminate a low maintenance and durable worktop material option.


Choosing the right kitchen worktop material should be based on a range of factors to ensure that you make the best investment for your home. Things to consider include how often you cook, your family size, how often you entertain, your budget and the traffic passing through your kitchen. Laminate worktops are an incredible option for a smaller budget as they tend to cost less per slab of comparable kitchen worktop materials. High traffic, busy kitchen areas are often subjected to wear and tear from spillages to heat exposure. To ensure that your kitchen can withstand daily and unavoidable occurrences it’s important to choose a surface such as laminate that is extremely low maintenance. Unlike natural stone worktops, laminate requires little to no maintenance to protect the surface. Laminate surfaces require basic cleaning and care, by simply wiping down food and drink spills. Almost every home and lifestyle is well suited to laminate worktops, making for an affordable and convenient worktop for those that rarely cook but also durable and low hassle for those that live in their kitchen. Laminate is the ideal solution for the busy and time poor as there is no additional care required to ensure maintenance of this material.