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Acrylic worktops are a newer breed of surface that are becoming increasingly popular due to their seamless look and huge range of finishes. Acrylic worktops are manufactured in either pure acrylic material or modified acrylic material. The surfacing is composed of acrylic resins, unsaturated polyester resins, alumina trihydrate and pigments. Like laminate and quartz, acrylic worktops are an engineered, manmade material, avoiding any issues that are associated with natural stone or timber.


Acrylic worktops are an extremely popular solution for awkward shaped worktop surfaces as the materials can be easily customised to cater to any space. This is a result of the way in which the acrylic is heated and manufactured, allowing for greater flexibility with size and shape. The design potential for such a material is huge, allowing it to be used for a greater range of applications for both commercial and residential settings. Like many other manmade worktop surfaces, acrylic worktops are well known for being extremely durable and low maintenance, making it the ideal choice for kitchens that are expected to experience high traffic and wear and tear. However, unlike other surfaces, acrylic worktops feature seamless joints, which allow the workspace to look much more spacious and high end. Heavily used homes can also appreciate that all acrylic worktops are stain resistant, heat resistant and non-porous, which means there is extremely minimal maintenance required. Despite its low maintenance needs, acrylic worktops are an affordable alternative to prier and high maintenance natural stone countertops. With a huge selection of designs, colours and finishes, acrylic worktops can expertly mimic the detailing of materials such as marble or granite at a fraction of the cost.