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Quartz is arguably one of the most popular and classic worktop surfaces of all time, with steady popularity despite home design trends and the introduction of new materials. Whilst quartz has the depth, sturdiness and texture of natural stone, it is in fact an engineered material from organic substances, making it far more durable compared to natural stone options such as granite and marble. Quartz worktops are crafted from the mineral quartz, one of the strongest natural materials available, second only to diamonds, these minerals are treated under heat to create the kitchen worktops that are used in homes. Unlike natural materials that are porous and therefore extremely finicky, quartz is a non-porous material, eliminating the need for specialised treatment and cleaning to avoid damage such as stain or scratches. Not only does this non-porous material ensure easy cleaning and care but it also create a far more hygienic and safe surface, as moisture and bacteria from raw foods cannot be absorbed and trapped in the material.


Because quartz is a manmade, engineered material it offers a wider variety of colours and designs in comparison to natural stone, which is limited only to natural processes. This ensures that no matter what your colour scheme, home design or personal preference, there is a quartz worktop that is perfectly suited to your kitchen. There’s no need to treat, seal or protect your quartz worktops from any tasks that you need to accomplish in your kitchen. Quartz is the perfect, cost effective alternative to pricey and high maintenance stone options for your worktop surface.